The McHargues


Jake and Jessie met for the first time in the summer of 2005 at a friends party. They became very close and started to go on dates to concerts, fireworks and some amazing restaraunts. When summer ended, Jake went back to school at Michigan State University and Jessie went back to Central Michigan University and they fell out of touch. Jake graduated Michigan State in 2006 and backpacked through Europe for 9 months, visiting countries like Italy, Ireland, England, and Germany. It wasn't until 2007 when Jake came home from Europe and Jessie was home from school that the two met again at a friends birthday party.

They started talking again and decided that this time, they wouldn't let distance get in their way. They've been virtually inseperable ever since. Jake would visit Jessie almost every weekend for her remaining college years. When she graduated in 2010, they moved in together and discovered their love of travel. While on vacation in Riviera Maya last September, Jake stopped Jessie's heart under the Gazebo overlooking the crystal clear sea by asking her to marry him in front of a crowd of friends. All Jessie could get out was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?", a big fat yes, and a ton of tears.
Maid of Honor. Little sister, best friend, soulmate. Alex is Jessie's best friend on this planet. She is her rock. After the engagement, Jessie wanted to think of the perfect way to ask Alex to be her Maid of Honor. She was completely shocked -- watch the video and see for yourself!
Best Man.

Dustin has been Jakes best friends since high school. They grew up on the same block together and have a strong group of friends that they still hang out with today.

Bridesmaid. Amanda is Jessie's cousin, but growing up you would have thought they were sisters. They would spend weeks at a time with each other. They both went to CMU together and share so many amazing memories from childhood, college and are making plenty more still.
RJ is Jessies older
brother. They share a mutual love and talent for music. They have performed together at venues like The Hardrock Cafe, various coffee shops for open mic, and many family funcions.

Bridesmaid. Kristin and Jessie met through a friend and after hanging out a few times, they realized that they were basically the same person. They could finish each others sentences and laugh about some of the silliest things, the way only true best friends can!


Josh is Jakes younger brother. Growing up, they would always have the neighborhood boys over their house. Although there is a two year difference between them, they've always been really close ... especially when they're in the middle of a wrestling match.

Bridesmaid. Ah, Liz.
There is no one quite like her. Jessie and Liz were neighbors growing up and Liz had a pool, so naturally Jessie started talking to her. HA, just kidding. Liz is such a unique person, she is never afriad to be herself, or what people think of her. She taught Jessie this during high school and it's something she's never forgotten. Even as adults, they can always be themselves with each other during a special showing of sock puppets, or making up coordinated dances in her basement.

Tim has been close friends with Jake since middle school. They grew up right down the street from each other, went to college together, and are currently roommates. They have a very special bond between them, a bond only about 3 other people in the world have together. Sterling Heights is a very dear place in their hearts.